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An adaptive and collaborative approach allows us to continue to be helpful in someone’s life 

Rochelle is a caring and resilient young lady who loves having fun and being active in her local community. She is interested in art, yoga, cooking, go karting, and all things Disney. Rochelle also has a large support network around her including her loving family, Support Worker team and her health and medical supports. We work collaboratively with Rochelleher family, and her other support providers to ensure that Rochelle is able to experience as much independence in her life while she is out of the hospital as she has had medical complexities since birth.

Rochelle’s goal was to set up and run her own online business venture. Her Support Worker supported her to achieve this. But in 2019, Rochelle had to spend the whole year in hospital. Rochelle developed additional medical needs that the Support Workers required to be trained in so that they could safely work alongside her. This adaptive approach allowed Rochelle to still keep the same Support Workers she loves to work with and keep perusing her goals. While in hospital, her Support Workers supported her in pursuing her art projects and running her online business.

Rochelle is passionate about coffee and coffee-making. Her next goal is to enroll in a barista course to perfect her coffee-making skills. She wants to use the skills she gains from this course to volunteer in her local café to get hands-on experience and to build her confidenceUltimately, she wants to convert an old caravan with her dad into a coffee van and run her own business. She wants to travel around and serve coffee to her local community.