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Creative entrepreneur Willow is smashing her goals

19-year-old Willow has been a client of Australian Inclusion Network for about a year now, engaging us for three days a week with her Support Worker supporting her goals of becoming job ready, growing her bath bomb business, developing confidence in the kitchen and being active in the community.

Not only is Willow an entrepreneur with her own creative bath bombs and paintings for sale, but is also becoming quite the ace in the kitchen. To help Willow achieve more skills and confidence in the kitchen, her Support Worker is supporting her to try new methods of cooking and recipes.

When she is not baking up a storm, her Support Worker supports her in becoming more engaged and socially connected to her local community. This can be through a range of supported activities such as mini golf, visiting the local shopping centre, checking out a new art exhibition or visiting the Zoo. Not only do these activities provide a great day out, but they also enable Willow to be more involved and relaxed in the community – not to mention ignite new interests and passions. Planning the day itself also provides opportunities to develop skills including managing time, sorting the day’s schedule, and navigating the use of public transport.

“I enjoy spending meaningful time with my Support Worker doing things that interest me, or new things that I have never tried before.” – Willow shared.

She has been supported to start her own online business where she sells her creative creations including bath bombs and artwork through her Facebook page – ‘Bibbidy Bop’.

“I recently had a table at a market and was able to sell my bath bombs. This was a great experience that not only generated my own income, but also allowed me to connect with other people. I loved when people were interested in my products and wanted to know more about them.”

The support we deliver for Willow is flexible and changes as needed to suit her needs whilst working to ensure her goals are met. Sometimes this might mean that hours of support are altered so she and her Support Worker can attend an upcoming art event or hold a stand at her local market selling her bath bombs.

Willow is working towards finding meaningful open employment in her local area and would love to find a role that aligns with her passions. Naturally, this lead her to the local Lush store where not only has she been discussing her employment goals with the team, but also managed to get some ideas around ways to make her bath bombs foam up more. The process of applying and accepting feedback has also been a part of her open employment journey.

“A highlight would be that I am given the opportunity to be included in the community, try new things and interact with people in fun and exciting ways.”

Working with her Support Worker Izzy, Willow has developed a greater structure in tasks and activities, is more engaged in the community and is always encouraged to give things a go. Her confidence has grown and is also now more able to decide on the activities they do together out in the community.


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